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“Not for the lifeblood of the world do I see. For with my eyes I see what which others dream.”
-Zanghar Draconis

As far back as I can remember, I have had an interest in high fantasy literature. And in fifth grade I found an outlet for that interest, Dungeons and Dragons. In the ten years since then I have been slowly working on my own world, my own fantasy story, for my own personal gratification and for my dungeons and dragons games. This is the result.

Draionmere is a rather dark high fantasy setting paying particular attention to creating cultures and environments which are accurate to the world they exist in. Typical elements of high fantasy such as magic and dragons may still be found, but in a dirty, desperate and dismal world filled with lies, deceit corruption and despair while avoiding what clich├ęs I can in the process.

And like as such, I run my games with emphasis on entering a world, making believe you are a part of something real.


“The fabric of this world is tortured. And the gods work ceaselessly with thread and needle to repair the tattered edges, rips and tears. But it is that fact, that the universe is damaged and unstable, which allows us the power of arcana, the greatest of the arts.”Fenarious

All that we know, all that we see, all that there is, has been, or would be forms the body of existence. All that we do not know, can never know, could never comprehend of understand forms non-existence. And here, in Draionmere, these alternate realities touch and the fabric of reality is torn. The torturous embraces of non-reality forces the world into instability, and allows those within the use of magic.

Nearly all current events within Draionmere occur upon the continent of Edaros within the Material Plane.


  • A vast and ever expanding world
  • A custom system rules system without levels
Current Campaigns:

Awakening Avatar: Levels 1-20

Something ancient and evil is waking beneath the city of Varshk.

Jonathan Goofs Off: Levels 1-5

My friend Jonathan tries Dungeon Mastering… to hilarious results.

In Development:
h3(. From These Hands the Soil is Sifted Levels 10+

Be careful who you trust in the Great Wastes of Krecia

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