Pronounced: Menu-e

Located in the northeastern corner of Der’ai, Menuis is a lawful nation. Its border with the elven homeland of Nathuion causes this to be a frequent battleground.

Important Locations:

Fort Regt


Menuis is a land of lords, each holding an estate. However the general affairs of the nation are run by the Lord Council.

Noteworthy Laws of Menuis: *It is illegal to sneeze in front of a lord. Sneezes are seen as a sign that the person has done a dishonor, and thus is imprisoned. *Anyone found to be practicing magic given a year to prove he is innocent, and then has his hands removed. *Anyone caught cheating or stealing is has their skin dyed a permanent light green color.


The people of Menuis have come to respect law above all else. Vile Tyrants and Just Lords stand side by side, without hatred or malice as long as justice is kept. People under one ruler may fear their lords’ hate, or seek his kindness, but are generally restful. The Tyrant may have higher taxes and a more crowded jail, but everyone is given a trial, and punishments suited to the crime.


Menuis rarely goes to war with other nations of the Homelands. The council has its words respected in other nations, and is trusted to and extent. However, its relations with the less than honorable Liscont are strained. The entire Council does not respect the methods used by the merchant nation. Menuis is allowed by all other nations to send bands of up to 100 men to patrol the Edaspine. These men are tacticians and generals who lead the Knights of the Homeland. Menuis has been the battleground in many wars with the Elves. The lands were often occupied by the fey race. The Elves however, treated the people fairly. In their longest occupation, over four generations of the Menui people were under elven rule. It was then that the elves created the Council, in order to control the populace. When the other kingdoms of the Homelands finally regrouped to push the elves back, the elves simply left, leaving the council well in control of the new Nation of Menuis. Even in wars to follow, the people of Menuis fought bravely for their freedom, but always respected the elves. Menuis has maintained its ties to the Elves, in war and in peace, and often acts as a go-between for the other nations. Relations with the Dwarves are friendly here as well. Menuis is the only nation never to directly declare war on a dwarven nation. Menuis often sent parties to help the other nations however, and it was these who the Dwarves often sought peace with. Menuis acts as an ambassador for nations and races, and is trusted to maintain its word, whether good or bad. All races are allowed within, as a decree by the council itself. Every race is expected to have protection under the law, and to obey the law.


Menuis has no state religion; each lord is allowed to pick his own. Priests of all religion are allowed to walk free, however in certain estates it is illegal to preach a religion the lord does not recognize.


Menui, a local dialect of sharp highs and guttural lows.


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