The central kingdom of The Homelands, Liscont is bordered by three other kingdoms: Grempas to the north, Menuis to the east, and Krec to the south. To the west is the Edaspine.


Liscont is a nation ruled by a Merchant Lord who maintains all trade and relations with the nations.

Noteworthy Laws of Liscont:
  • A thief who returns his goods has his hands cut off; a thief who does not is executed.
  • If you are not wealthy and are caught wearing pink, purple, light green or light blue clothing, you will be stripped naked on a public stand.
  • If you are of lower station, you may not have any currency (gold, silver or copper only) on your person when speaking with a High Merchant or Noble. If you do, they may claim it as their possession.


A nation ruled by the wealthy, the poor are often starving and mistreated. Peasants are not given rights unless they serve a [High Merchant], who may then act in their behalf. Or not. Wealth is power, and everyone is scheming to become the richest. The courts are corrupt, assassins ply their trade and wars between nobles can often be long and bloody.


Other nations, and estates, while not liking Liscont, use it for personal gain. As the smallest, and yet the wealthiest nation in Der’ai, The annual Tournament of War has become a symbol of a nation’s prestige. Other Races, by the Merchant Lords law, are not allowed within Liscont. However, the law is often ignored with a bribe, or if the individual is protected by a High Merchant. Halflings however, are hated more than most, they are often regarded as thieves, and in a nation of merchants, that is often enough to convict.


Various temples of trade gods and gods of the coin dot the landscape. Any priest is welcome, if his god can make someone wealthier.


Grestos- with no ancient history of their own, Liscont has used the language of its neighbors, and the official language changes with every Merchant Lord. Current Merchant Lord Mesidalos Alstos has chosen the language most common in northern Grempas.


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