Jacob's Tavern

12 Merchant’s Row: Jacob’s Tavern

Following the main path down Merchant’s Row in Varshk, Jacob’s Tavern is the first such establishment you would see. Though not the finest place in the city, it is the most popular. The main hall hosts twelve tables round tables and two large solid oak tables in the back. Two large hearths, one in the center and one at the back provide ample warmth and light. The bar holds stools for fifteen patrons. Stairs ascend into the establishments two additional floors which offer sleeping quarters, the finest of which are at the top.

The tavern is staffed by Jacob, his two daughters, his son, and 12 other barmaids and men providing various other services.

Item Price
Cold Meats 4 cp
Stew of the Day (mixed meats and seasoned vegetables) 3 cp
Soup of the Day (Usually fish of some kind) 2 cp
Hot Meat Pies (Mixed meat and vegetables) 1 cp
Roast Ox (cooked with onions or leeks) 1 sp
Venison (marinated in red wine and spices) 1 gp
Pork (chops) 2 sp
Bacon 6 cp
Rabbit 4 cp
Quail (if available) 4 cp
Herring, Pan Fried 1 sp
Cooked Beans (mild or hot-spiced) 3 cp
Eggs 4 cp
Bread Loaf 2 cp
Mug of House Ale 4 cp
-Pitcher 2 sp
Orc Brew 2 cp

Jacob's Tavern

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