aka: The Homelands

Pronounced: Der-aye

The territory to the east of the Edaspine is known as Der’ai, or The Homelands. For as long as the race has lived, these fertile fields have been the cradle of mankind, its nations and civilization. In ages long past, when the Cestese Empire began to fall under the weight of assault from the orcish hordes from the west and Elven assault from the north, it was the rallying cry of the people to “Protect the Homeland!” that preserved the remnants of the empire, which survives to this day as south eastern Krec


From north to south, Der’ai contains a range of climates and geological terrain:

In northern Grempas you have expanses of glacially carved temperate forests with fast white water rivers carrying rain water from the northern Edaspine mountains of Feraduil in the west and from the Brimalt Wall to the northeast.

The temperate climate continues into the plains of Menuis bordering Grempas to the east. Here the land is more parched but slightly warmer as winds carry fresh air from Nathuion to the north.

The vast plains of Liscont and Krec are fertile farmland, with fresh water run-offs from the Edaspine flowing into the ocean providing ample hydration. Liscont producing the most food, as over-farming of Krecian land has lead for vast expanses of infertile wastes.

The massively dense mountain forests of the Threshold provide an abundance of lumber for the Homelands, and serve as a battleground for the monstrous hordes that lay in wait in the Edaspine.


Within largely human nations of Der’ai, tensions are often tight, as feuds over borders, territory or any number of things run hot.

The Kingdoms of Der’ai are: Territory:


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