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  • Krec

    Krec, or Krecia, is the surviving remnants of the [[Cestese Empire]]. The remaining territories, with the exception of [[Abofastios]], were conquered by elves or orcs. Over the next hundred years Krec slowly pushed forward, allying itself with the human …

  • Liscont

    The central kingdom of The Homelands, [[Liscont]] is bordered by three other kingdoms: [[Grempas]] to the north, [[Menuis]] to the east, and [[Krec]] to the south. To the west is the [[Edaspine]]. Government: Liscont is a nation ruled by a Merchant …

  • Menuis

    *Pronounced*: Menu-e Located in the northeastern corner of [[Der'ai]], Menuis is a lawful nation. Its border with the elven homeland of [[Nathuion]] causes this to be a frequent battleground. Important Locations: p. Fort Regt h3. Government: …

  • Nathuion

    See Also: [[Elves]] *Pronounced*: Nay-thu-e-on Nathuion lies on the northeastern peninsula of Edaros,and is home to the remaining vae population.