Paragon Great Wyrm Hellfire Wyrm Dragon Ascendant 12

Colossal+ Dragon (Fire)

Divine Rank: 0

Hit Dice: 90d12 (7020hp)

Initiative: +28

Speed: 270ft. burrow 90ft, fly 1050ft (clumsy)

Armor Class: 208 (-8 size, +32 Divine Security, +24 Dex, +83 natural, +43 Deflection, +12 Insight, +12 Luck)

Base Attack/Grapple: +90/+31

Attack: Bite +164 Melee 16d6+94

Full Attack:
Bite +164 melee 16d6+94
2 Claw of Irylmathear +183/183/178/173/168 melee 12d8+83+2d6 unholy, +5d6 Divine (17-20×4 +12d6, Devestating Critical)
2 Wings +164 8d6+67
Tail Slap +164 12d8+121

Space/Reach: 40ft by 80ft/20ft

Special Attacks: Awesome Aura, Breath Weapon, Crush 16d6+121, Devestating Critical, Rend, Spell-like Abilities, Tail Sweep 4d6+121

Special Qualities: DR 50/divine, Evasion, Fast Healing 20, fiendish form, fire subtype, immunities, infernal aura, Item Meld, SR 103, summon baatezu, Unatural Sight

Saves: Fort +113, Ref +73, Will +103

Abilities: Str 119, Dex 59, Con 119, Int 90, Wis 95, Cha 97

Skills: Every Skill with Max Ranks and a +10 bonus from the Paragon Template

Feats: Cleave, Combat Expertise, Dodge, Flyby Attack, Great Cleave, Hover, Improved Critical (Claw), Improved Initiative, Improved Multiattack, Improved Natural Attack (Claw), Improved Rapidstrike (Claw), Mobility, Multiattack Power Attack, Quicken Spell-Like Ability, Rapidstrike (Claw), Spring Attack, Snatch, Weapon Focus (Claw), Whirlwind Attack, Wingover, +8 More

Epic Feats: Devestating Critical (Claw), Dire Charge, Epic Prowess, Epic Weapon Focus (Claw) Epic Speed, Improved Combat Reflexes, Overwhelming Critical (Claw) Challenge Rating: Unknown

Alignment: Neutral Evil


Awesome Aura: This aura surrounds the dragon and extends out to a distance of his choosing up to a maximum of 360 feet. Creatures within the aura must make a will save (DC 111). Creatures that fail their saving throw are shaken, while those that succeeed are immune to Irylmathear’s aura for 24 hours. If he attacks or charges, shaken creatures must make a second will save or become frightened.

Irylmathear can chose to inspire allies within his aura and dread in his enemies. All allies within his aura recieve a +4 morale bonus on attack rolls, saves, and checks. Irylmathears foes must make a will save or take a -4 penalty on attack rolls, saves, and checks.

In addition, Irylmathear has a third option for his aura, which causes affected creatures to become daze, simply starring at him in facinated awe if they fail their Will saves. As with fear effects, he can choose to exclude his allies from the effects of the aura.

Breath Weapon: Irlymathear can breathe an 80 foot cone of infernal flame that deals 129d10 points of damage. Each creature caught in the area can attempt a Reflex save (DC 122) to take half damage. One half of the damage from this attack derives from infernal power, and is therefore not subject to protective magic. Once Irlymathear breaths, he must wait 1d4+3 rounds before using his breath weapon again. Special: Irlymathear’s greater amulet of supremacy automatically maximizes each of his breath weapon attacks, dealing 1290 damage (or 645 on a save).

Claw of Irlymathear: Irlymathear’s claws are +16 Divine Greater Keen Speed Claws of Unholy Power. They are considered adamantine, divine, epic, magic, silver, and unholy weapons for the purposes of overcoming damage reduction. The divine enhancement adds 5d6 divine damage, and the greater keen enhancement doubles the critical range of the weapon (This stacks with the Improved Critical feat.)

Deflection Bonus: Irlymathear gains a deflection bonus to his armor class equal to his charisma modifier.

Devestating Critical: Creatures critically hit by Irylmathear’s claw attacks must make a DC 126 Fortitude save or die instantly.

Fiendish Form: At will, Irlymathear can produce an effect like that of a shapechange spell, except that only the normal form of any tiefling or any chaotic outsider may be assumed.

Fire Subtype: Irlymathear is immune to fire, but takes an extra 50% damage from cold.

Damage Reduction: Irlymathear’s damage reduction can be overcome by beings with a divine rank, or a weapon with the divine enhancement.

Dragon Traits: Irlymathear is immune to sleep and paralysis effects

Immortality: Irlymathear is a quasi-deity, and can no longer die from natural causes. He does not need to breath, eat or sleep. He can still be slain in combat.

Infernal aura: Any creature within 5 feet of Irlymathear automatically takes 15d4 points of fire damage per round. Creatures 10 feet away take 10d4 points of fire damage per round, and creatures 15 feet away take 5d4 points of fire damage each round. He can suppress this aura as a free action.

Iron Mind: Irlymathear is immune to all mind-affecting effects.

Item Meld: Irlymathear gains the benefits of any items melded into his body by a polymorph or any similar effect.

Lifewarding: Irlymathear is immune to attacks that cause energy drain, ability drain, or ability damage. Irlymathear is immune to death effects of beings with a divine rank less than 21 and is not subject to death from massive damage.

Rend: If Irlymathear strikes the same opponent with two claw attacks, he automatically deals extra damage equal to that of two claw attacks plus 1-1/2 times his Strength bonus (24d8 +91). He cannot grab an opponent at the same time that he rends one.

Spell-Like Abilities: All are cast with the mazimize spell feat, at no additional cost: At will – blasphemy, charm person, demand, desecrate, dictum, fire storm, gate, greater dispelling, hold person, improved invisibility, incendiary cloud, meteor swarm, misdirection, pyrotechnics, sending, suggestion, greater teleport, true seeing (divine version), unholy aura, unhallow, wall of fire. 3/day- Greater Dispelling, Haste, Hellball, Greater Ruin, Rain of Fire. 1/day Vengeful Gaze of God. Caster level 136th: Save DC 10 +cha + spell level. Transmutation Immunity: Irlymathear is immune to polymorphing, petrifaction, and any other attack that would alter its form. Irlymathear can still change his form with his own polymorphing effects.

Unnatural sight: Irlymathear has no eyes, instead he has two black holes where eyes used to be. Though he lacks real eyes, he can still see. Irlymathear can see until a solid object with a greater magical aura allow. Only power magic items can block his vision. He can see through any object that does not block line of sight, any magical darkness or light, and is immune to any effects based on illumination, color, or such patterns. He is unaffected by illusions without physical properties.


Irlymathear has a vast hoard of magical items at his disposal. Irlymathear is considered to have access to any item of lesser artifact status, or with an enhancement bonus total of less than or equal to +10. Many of his items he has crafted himself, from the skin, organs or other remains of the gods he has slain.

Possessions: War Gods Demise, Gloves of Divine Finesse, Divine Security, Greater Amulet of Supremacy, Blood Shards of the Overdeity

War Gods Demise (Major Artifact): This elaborate belt is the color of dried blood, with runes of black and gold covering its surface. As the wearer moves, trails of white sparkles are left behind marking a trail of where the belt passed. The belt is made from the tanned skin of the multiple war gods Irlymathear has slain. It grants him +24 strength, +24 constitution, and increases the damage dice of all his natural attacks as if he were two sizes larger. Gloves of Divine Finesse (Major Artifact): Supernaturally smooth leather gloves are pure black, barely reflecting light. They are made with the hands of skillful gods. They grant the wearer +24 dexterity, evasion (as the rogue ability of the same name), and the wearer is under the effect of a foresight (Caster level 30th) spell as long as the cloves are worn.

Divine Security (Major Artifact): These bracers are forged with the divine essence of deities imbed-ed within them. Their smooth, strangely dark silver surface clings to the forearms, bending and moving with the skin beneath. If the wearer is attacked, the silver surface dashes across the body, and protects the wearer. They grant the wearer a +32 armor bonus to AC. They also give the wearer damage reduction 20/divine. If the wearer has damage reduction from another source greater than 10, Divine Security increases that damage reduction by 10, and can only be overcome by divine weapons.

Greater Amulet of Supremacy (Major Artifact): This stunning piece of jewelry is virtually priceless based simply on its artistic quality and the value of precious metal and gemstone it contains, but its magical abilities are even more valuable. This amulet worn by Irlymathear gives the benefit of the Maximize Breath feat to his breath weapon, and applies the effects of the Maximize Spell feat to all of his spell-like abilities at no cost to him. He does not need to wait extra rounds between uses of his breath weapon, and spell like abilities use up no extra uses. In addition, the dragon gains the ability to double his age category for determining damage (categories beyond Great Wyrm are gained as “virtual” age categories). The effect is permanent, and increases the time the dragon must wait between breaths by 3 An amulet of supremacy bestows 2 negative levels on any nondragon who dares to put it on. In addition, when a nondragon first dawns the amulet, it immediately targets the wearer with a disintegrate effect (caster level 40th, fortitude DC 29 partial).

Blood Shards of the Overdeity (Greater Artifact): Floating around each claw if Irlymathear are five glowing crimson shards. The shards vary in size, but each is about the size of an average human. Each floats 1d10 feet from the claw, and must remain within 10 feet for Irlymathear to receive their benefits. Shards may be removed with a DC 60 Strength check, or by Irlymathear’s will. Each shard has 500hp, a hardness of 60, and cannot be harmed by beings without a divine rank greater than 16. If a single shard is within 10 feet of a claw, the claw is treated as if it was a +12 Unholy Power weapon. In addition, if three or more shards are within range of Irlymathear’s claw, the shards act as Claws of the Ripper, increasing the critical multiplier of his claws to x4. In addition, when 3 shards are present they grant his claw the Speed enhancement. If 5 or more shards are within range of Irlymathear’s claw, they gain the Divine enhancement. As long as a single shard is within range of Irlymathear, his caster level for spell like abilities doubles. He also adds double his charisma modifier to spell save DC’s. Any being other than Irlymathear who dawns a Blood Shard of the Overdeity is targeted with a vengeful gaze of god effect (Caster level 100th, DC 63 Fort save for half). The shard then phases out of existence. These shards use up no magical item slots.


Craft Divine Artifact

Allows the creation or artifacts from the remains of gods. Pre requisite: Must have slain at least 10 beings of Divine Rank 11 or Higher, 50 Intelligence or Wisdom, and a Divine Rank p. Benefit: You can create items of immense power from the remains of gods. Each item must have a value of 10 million gold or more, and takes a number of decades to complete equal to the cost of the artifact divided by 1,000,000.



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