Amaroq Na Conriocht


Male Human Barbarian 1

Alignment Chaotic Neutral Patron Deity Wolf Spirit Size Medium
Age 18 Height 6’7” Weight 250
Eyes Green Hair Black Skin Pale

HP: 20

Initiative: +1

Speed: 40ft

Armor Class: 14 (+3 _ Studded Leather_, +1 Dex) Base Attack/Grapple: +1/+3

Attack: Greataxe +4 melee 1d12+3 (x3) P. Throwing Axe +3 ranged 1d6+2

Special Attacks: Rage 1/day

Special Qualities: Fast Movement, Illiteracy, Uncanny Dodge, Gravelly Voice

Saves: Fort +4, Ref +1, Will +0

Ability Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
Score 14 13 13 11 11 13

Skills: Climb +3, Craft(Leather working) +4, Intimidate +6, Jump +6, Listen +4, Ride +5, Survival +4

Feats: Power Attack, Cleave

Other Equipment: Waterskin, Flint and Steel, Torch, Pot, Bedroll, Back Pack, Whetstone, Silk Rope, Artisans tools, Hashish, Gallon of Ale x2, Caltrops


The cimmerian stands at a staggering six foot ten inches tall, his average frame resulting in a very lean appearance due to his height. Pale skin and primal marking’s show his ancestry, long black hair and blue-grey eyes confirm his blood. An oddly clean shaven face is the only thing that seems to betray the barbarians blood line. Upon seeing Amaroq, those who understand cimmerian markings would notice the obvious blue symbol on his left arm signifying that the man was marked as a pathfinder while the streak across his eye’s give away his primary role in the Blackclaw clan. The mark of the hunter is worn proudly at all time’s by the man while the symbol of the pathfinder is usually hidden beneath his armor.

Amaroq Na Conriocht

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