Session: September 27th

Spring, 632 Miradai. Day 9 of the Eagle Moon.

The City of Varshk rests along the foothills of the Edaspine. Here, along the Threshold of Humanity the land is restless. The constant threat of assault by the creatures of the mountains leave the people wary. Here it is the duty of the Knights of the Homeland to protect the frontier Der’ai from penetration by these evil creatures. And here is where adventure is found.

Upon approaching the gates, the traveler finds them self among the shops and services of Merchant’s Row, the economic center of the city. Standing tall and proud, one of the first sights the weary traveler might see, is Jacob’s Tavern. And it is here that our adventurers sit, resting from the weary journey that led them here.

Amaroq Na Conriocht sits with his companion Ina GalanodelIna Galanodel. They have been traveling together ever since she rescued him in a bar fight gone bad. Some drunken patron, somewhat angered at Amaroq’s uncivilized appearance and manor, decided that he should drink his drink. Enraged, Amaroq struck back, but little hid he know his opponent was a skilled fighter. With Ina’s help he defeated his foe, and earned another drink in celebration.

Tonight, there is nothing yet to celebrate. They had arrived in Varshk in their idle wanderings, and were sorely low on coin. Which did not stop Amaroq from paying some patrons to give him their table closer to the stage where a young woman sang with a man accompanying her on mandolin, nor did it stop him from tipping the barmaid a few extra coppers when he ordered his drink. Sitting near the stage performance, he begins to ask around, inquiring as to if there were any jobs around which would pay. None of the other patrons seemed to know, but the barmaid said to ask Jacob.

Amaroq and Ina wander over to the bar, where several men sit enjoying their drinks. There they are serviced by Jacob, a fat and jolly middle aged man who has ran this establishment since his father’s death twenty years ago. Catching his attention, they ask the owner of the establishment what jobs may be had in the area. Which he seems to know little of. A drunken guardsman near by, who goes by the name of Jebf, states that the guard are always looking for new recruits.

Ina turns and asks him how they would go about doing that. Jebf responds “Well… if ’s you would be wants to join the guards, I could take you there meself’s… you could stay wifs me tonight and we could go together in the mornigfs.”

Ina turned down his offer.

Returning to their table, Amaroq finds that the ale he left behind is now an empty mug. Enraged, he yells out to the room… “WHO DRANK MY ALE!” No one steps forward. Again he cries out “WHO DRANK MY ALE!” By this point, all attention was on the angry barbarian.

Jebf the guardsman wanders over, places a hand on top of Amaroq’s shoulder and says “It is my duty’s as a member of the city guards to find this mans ale!” The crowd stares in silent until Jacob, hearing the commotion, walks over to the man from the wilderness. He offers a complementary mug to settle down the towering man. Accepting the token, Amaroq returns to his table. When the wench returns with the drink, Amaroq orders a shot of whiskey. Thanks to his generous tips, she comes back and fills two shot glasses. Ina and Amaroq share some shots, and decide to hit the town in search of work.

It did not take long for the companions to learn of problem sin the city. Children have been going missing.



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